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As part of it’s library, also documents live resources relating to finance for reference and research purposes.

Topics currently represented are Welfare, Insurance and Financing. Additional topics will be added in the future.


Poverty Guidelines The Department of Health and Human Services annual update of the poverty guidelines to account for increases in prices as measured by the Consumer Price Index.

National Center for Children in Poverty provides tools such as it’s Resource Simulator illustrates how policies to assist low-income parents create incentives or, inadvertently, disincentives to work. Users can track the point at which increased earnings fail to provide families with additional resources because they lose eligibility for assistance.  The Simulator is state specific but takes both state and federal policies into account, including the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Child Tax Credit, child care and housing subsidies, public health insurance, and cash assistance. The Family Resource Simulator is part of NCCP’s Making Work Supports Work initiative, which examines the current patchwork of federal and state programs that assist low-wage workers and their families and explores policy alternatives.

Online Information About Key Low-Income Benefit Programs Virtually all states have made information regarding the five main state-administered low-income benefit programs–food stamps, Medicaid, SCHIP, TANF and child care–available to the public via the internet. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has put together a list of links to online state information provided about these benefit programs.

The State Policy Documentation Project, a joint project of the Center for Law and Social Policy and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities) tracks policy choices on TANF cash assistance programs and Medicaid in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.  It includes data on: Applications, Formal Cash Diversion Programs and Emergency Assistance; Cash Assistance Entitlement Programs; Categorical Eligibility/Assistance Unit Composition Rules; Child Care Assistance; Financial Eligibility Rules; Sanctions for Non-Compliance with Work Activities; Separate State Programs and State-Only TANF Funds; Time Limits; and Work Activities and Requirements.

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